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Technology-SIETHERM is maintenance-free & efficient

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Innovative technology – SIETHERM heating and cooling is a maintenance-free low-temperature system. Create a comfortable room climate with low flow temperature.
Tested to EN1264!

Installation after Tichelmann

When assembling several wall heating modules, the parallel circuit according to TICHELMANN is required. This also allows larger rooms to be served efficiently. This connection variant makes the pressure loss the same in all registers and ensures an even distribution of heat over all modules.

Design tables

SIETHERM wall heating and cooling is a low-temperature system.
Due to the low lead temperatures of only about 35°C, a comfortable indoor climate Is reached.

Configuration table NEW BUILDING

Lead temperature: 35°C
Return temperature: 30°C

Configuration table RENOVATION

Lead temperature: 45°C
Return temperature: 37°C

Maximum design temperature flow for heat pumps = 35°C

Maximum surface temperature for underfloor heating = 29°C

Maximum surface temperature for wall heaters = 40°C

Note technical data sheet SIETHERM.

Technical data sheet

Download (124 KB)

Heating diagram

SIETHERM 100/150/200

SIETHERM was tested after EN 1264.

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SIETHERM wall heating


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SIETHERM wall heating


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SIETHERM wall heating


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