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SIETHERM wall heating & cooling with clay plaster

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Contact us – no matter whether you work as a craftsman or as a private builder SIETHERM wall heating – cooling and/or clay plaster or consider its use: We tell you how to do it. For planners, we offer a all-round program of sophisticated technical media and information.

Clay builder Sieberer I SIETHERM I ÖKOPLATZL

Your complete solution directly from the manufacturer


On the solid basis of a craftsman education, as well as a certified clay construction specialist company, we offer you as a competent partner a variety of construction services.

Our core competence lies in the production of wall heating modules, conversions and renovations with clay. For more than 15 years we, the professionals of clay builder Sieberer, have been working with the building material clay. The examination for the specialist “clay construction” we completed in the Center for Restoration and Historic Preservation in Herrstein / Koblenz.

Our responsibility is to make our use of resources more sustainable and to integrate ecological technologies in modern construction, thus creating a natural home with optimal indoor climate.

prefabricated modules

for heating & cooling

with intigrated insulation & clay plaster

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SIETHERM , Gewerbepark 1, A-6346 Niederndorferberg / Tirol

Phone. +43 (0) 676 609 75 65

Clay plaster techniques

Ecological thermal insulation systems

Refurbishment and renovations

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LEHMBAU Sieberer, Gewerbepark 1, A-6346 Niederndorferberg / Tirol

Phone. +43 (0) 676 609 75 65